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Department of Solid Earth Geochemistry

Evolution and its mechanism of the solid Earth are approached with multi-scale material analysis.

The Earth is most rich in diversity and is an active rocky planet in the solar system characterized in existence of the sea, continent, and life, as well as active earthquake, volcanic activity, plate motion and geomagnetic field. Understanding evolution of the Earth and its mechanism also serves as the foundation which replies to the question of "Why is the rich Earth disaster-prone? What is the fundamental reason?" In order to understand this active planet, we investigate a global material-recycling system, including elemental transport and concentration near the surface, subduction of these near-surface materials with down-going plates, subsequent convection within the Earth's interior, and recycle back to the surface of the elements. The elemental recycling is driven by convection of the solid Earth as a thermal engine associated with the "water" which promotes the elemental transport and concentration. These features are investigated by "physicochemical analyses of various materials, including rocks and fluids, in a variety of scales from micro to global, being combined with geophysical observations and numerical simulation. We aim at constructing a comprehensive Earth's image including fundamental understanding of plate motion and material recycling peculiar to the Earth. Such an image will provide a unified explanation and prediction for formation of the internal structure of the Earth by convection, crustal deformation and magmatism, the origin of various rocks and ores exceeding 300 sorts associated with elemental fractionation and concentration which also cherishes life.

Hikaru Iwamori
Director, Department of Solid Earth Geochemistry

D-SEG Seminar "Inconsistency of the format of archived geochemical data and re-analysis of the archive sample as the method of improvement of data"
D-SEG Seminar "Initial results of the physical property measurements on Chikyu for the 3200m cores from upper crust to the mantle section of the Oman ophiolite, ICDP Oman Drilling Project"
D-SEG Seminar "Toward understanding behavior of volatiles in back-arc magmatism: A case study of Myoko volcano"
D-SEG Seminar "Basin analysis and applications to sedimentary basins of offshore Western Australia"
D-SEG Seminar "Deep mantle volatile cycle; a case study for chlorine"
D-SEG Seminar "A rapid bulk-rock element analysis using XRF glass beads and fsLA-ICPMS"
D-SEG Seminar "Resolving the tempo of volcanism in East Asia using the Lake Suigetsu record (central Honshu)"
DSEG-ODS seminar "Density and seismic velocities of Ca-perovskite from first-principles simulation"
D-SEG Seminar "Machine learning-based geochemical discrimination and feature selection of magmatic tectonic settings"
DSEG-ODS seminar "Origin of Moho in the Oceans: a new hypothesis"
D-SEG Seminar "Origin of geochemical mantle components: Role of spreading ridge, subduction zone, and thermal evolution of mantle"
D-SEG Seminar "Deccan flood basalt volcanism: An overview"
D-SEG Seminar "Progress of Si-metasomatism during serpentinization in the oceanic lithosphere"
D-SEG Seminar "Deployment of highly effective Hf-isotope auto-separation and details on improved method procedures"
D-SEG Seminar "Investigation of shallow magma chamber processes using clinopyroxene and bulk rock Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope compositions: A case study on the Raivavae ocean island basalts"
D-SEG Seminar "Probabilistic reconstruction of metamorphic P-T paths using zoned minerals"
D-SEG Seminar "Investigating silicic submarine eruption styles using volatile contents of volcanic glasses"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "Geochemical variations in primitive lavas from the Kibblewhite volcano, Kermadec arc"
D-SEG Seminar "A Journey Back in Time to Gondwanaland: IODP Expedition 369"
D-SEG Seminar "Geochemical database of Japanese islands for basement rocks: compilation of domestic articles"
D-SEG Seminar "MULTIBEAM and SIDESCAN DATA PROCESSING for the SEA BOTTOM CLASSIFICATION of the BENHAM RISE REGION" "Benham Rise region bathymetry data review: Seafloor fabrics, tectonic and geohazard implications, and mineral resources potential"
D-SEG Seminar "Distribution of slab-derived fluids around the edge of the Philippine Sea Plate from Central to Northeast Japan"
D-SEG Seminar "Evolution of the proto-Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc volcanism: Constraints from statistical analysis on geochemical data of melt inclusions"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "MgSiO3 minerals in the upper mantle"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "Direct chemical analysis of individual fluid inclusion by cryo-FIB-SEM-EDS: an application to the UHP Tlc-Grt-Cld schist from the Makbal Complex, Kyrgyz"
D-SEG Seminar "Plume-stagnant slab-lithosphere interactions: Origin of the late Cenozoic intra-plate basalts on the East Eurasia margin"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "Volcanic ash interval recovered by IODP expedition 350: a prologue of submarine caldera formation?"
D-SEG Seminar "A new statistical method to identify multivariate data structure"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "Magmatic evolution in ocean island volcanoes: Perspectives from Ascension Island and Oki-Dozen."
D-SEG Seminar "Study on Slow Earthquake"
D-SEG Seminar "Origin of unusual fractionation of Pb isotope ratios with calcium in Tl-spike-MC-ICPMS"
D-SEG Seminar "Investigating silicic submarine volcanism in the Izu-Bonin Arc through FTIR analysis of H2O in volcanic glasses"
D-SEG Seminar "Chemical variation in olivine-hosted melt inclusions in HIMU basalts from Raivavae, South Pacific"
D-SEG Seminar "Laser ablation ICP-MS analysis of major, minor, and trace elements of an olivine reference material"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "Studies on the glaciovolcanic and magmatic evolution of Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "Magma transport within dykes: from basalts to kimberlites"
D-SEG Seminar "Parent material of the acidic volcanism in the Izu intra-arc rift zone"
D-SEG Seminar "Laser ablation ICP-MS analysis of major, minor, and trace elements of an olivine reference material"
D-SEG Seminar "Magmatism and basin evolution in the South China Sea"
D-SEG Seminar "Simultaneous estimation of melting degrees and a source composition of MORB using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method"
D-SEG Seminar "Magma genesis conditions for the juvenile magma source of N-Izu suggested by the volcaniclastic geochemistry in the deepest part of Site U1437, IODP Expedition 350"
ODS&D-SEG seminar "Pre-subduction metasomatic enrichment of the oceanic lithosphere induced by plate flexure: Implications from the multidisciplinary petit-spot research"
D-SEG Seminar "Evolutionary, compositional and geotectonic contrasts between well-studied prototype Pacific (Hawaii) and prototype Atlantic (Gran Canaria) islands and their volcanic aprons"
D-SEG Seminar "Compositional variations of the Arima-type and associated spring waters in the Kinki district, southwest Japan"
D-SEG Seminar "Systematics of volatiles in melt inclusions from the paleo- IBM arc (30-40 Ma)"
D-SEG Seminar "Phase transition between coesite and stishovite: Implications for the seismic X-discontinuity"
D-SEG Seminar "Origin of geochemical mantle reservoirs: Role of subduction filter, mid ocean ridge, and thermal evolution of mantle"
D-SEG Seminar "Role of water in subduction zone dynamics"
D-SEG Seminar "Determination of depositional age of extremely REY-rich mud by Osmium-isotope stratigraphy"
D-SEG Seminar "Stretching and freezing processes of fluid inclusion density during the exhumation of metamorphic rocks: a potential geobarometer"
D-SEG Seminar "Behavior of fluorine, chlorine, and boron in arc magmatism of Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile"
D-SEG Seminar "Heterogeneity of source materials beneath an ocean island --A preliminary case study of Rarotonga Island"
D-SEG Seminar "High resolution analysis of REE and minor elements in apatite using laser-ablation (LA) ICP-MS"
D-SEG Seminar "Spreading and tectonics in the South China Sea: Some geochemical and geophysical results from IODP Expedition 349"
D-SEG Seminar "Investigating degassing and eruption styles of silicic submarine volcanoes in the Izu-Bonin Arc"