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Medium sized Hyperbaric Chamber


  1. Purpose of the device
    This instrument can reproduce pressure conditions of the deep sea down to a 15,000m depth. It is used for fatigue tests, pressure-tolerance tests, and operation tests for various deep-sea instruments and materials, to increase the reliability of deep-sea instruments and materials.
    Effective dimension:
    0.6m (inner radius) × 1.6m (height) (0.49 in total volume)
  2. Instrumental capacity
    Item Explanation
    Pressure device Maximum pressure 154.9MPa
    Supply speed 2.74~27.4MPa/min
    Pressure cyclic device Maximum cyclic pressure 113.7Mpa
    Cyclic speed 0.02~0.125cpm
    Waveform Pyramidal wave, trapezoidal wave
    Pressure medium Fresh water
  3. Monitoring device and gauges
    The hyperbaric chamber is monitored during the experiment, and the gauges record pressure data automatically.


Pressure tests for instruments using in deep sea.
Pressure tests for housing, buoy, etc.