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Exhibition Facilities

Marine Science Museum (Yokosuka Headquarters)

On display at the Exhibition Hall are models of vessels owned by JAMSTEC, as well as live specimens of deep-sea creatures. The centerpiece exhibit is a full-scale model of SHINKAI 6500. These exhibits can be viewed within the JAMSTEC Headquarters tour program.

Exhibition Guide

Full-Scale Model of SHINKAI 6500
This is a full-scale model of the manned research submersible, SHINKAI 6500 which can dive to depths of 6,500 meters.
The side of the cockpit on this model has been removed, allowing visitors to enter the cockpit and experience what it is like to be the pilot.
Deep-Sea Creatures
Two varieties of deep-sea creatures are on display in the Sea Life Exhibition Room.
Visitors have the chance to view both Yunohana crabs (Austinograea yunohana) and vestimentiferan tubeworms (Lamellibrachia satsuma) that live mainly in the region of deep-sea hydrothermal vents.