Fig.1 illustrates certain interesting features of a recently discovered mode of climate variability in the tropical Indian Ocean.
  • A dipole structure in SST anomalies - cooler than normal SSTs appear off Sumatra in the southeast tropical Indian Ocean while the western tropical Indian Ocean is warmer than usual.
  • Strong easterly wind anomalies along the equator in the tropical eastern Indian Ocean.
By calling these events Dipole Mode (DM) events, we are primarily referring to the spatial pattern that characterizes the SST anomalies. A concise description of the DM event is presented below.

1.Saji N Hameed
IGCR,FRSGC,Tokyo, Japan
2.B N Goswami
CAOS,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,India
3.P Vinayachandran
FRSGC,Tokyo, Japan
Presently at IISC,
4.Toshio Yamagata
Professor,Univ.of Tokyo.
Program Director,Climate Variations Research Progtam,Frontier Research System for Global Change ,Tokyo, Japan .

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