JAMSTEC completed the dive surveys by utilizing both SHINKAI 6500 and HYPER DOLPHIN in order to make the image record of the observation and research in deep sea in 2006.

Blue Smoker - First blue hydrothermal emission

Blue smoker was discovered as the first hydrothermal emission in deep sea in the world. It locates at about 50 km northwest off Ishigaki Island, Japan. JAMSTEC presents it in moving image.

 The Kenya-Japan Exchange Seminar on Marine-Earth Science:
 Cooperating Towards a Better Planet Earth

To promote exchanges between Japan and Kenya, spurred by the deep sea drilling vessel Chikyu's shakedown drilling work offshore of Kenya, we carried out a seminar on January 16, 2007, at the Japan Information and Culture Centre in the Embassy of Japan in Kenya.

06.10.30 Rock Samples Database "GANSEKI" Site is opened
06.10.16 "MISMO: Mirai Indian Ocean cruise for the Study of the MJO-convection Onset" Daily Report from Maldives and the Oceanographic Research Vessel MIRAI
06.07.12 FY2007 Public Invitation for Utilizing the Oceanographic Research Vessel MIRAI
March.19-20,2007 IORGC/FRCGC Joint Annual Symposium for FY2006
07.03.09 Lecture and Public Open Day
Marking the 1,000th dive of Manned Research Submersible "SHINKAI 6500"
07.02.26 Crustal Evolution of Oceanic arc and Mechanism of Continent Formation
-Expected contribution for Extending Continental Shelf-
07.02.13 The "BLUE EARTH '07"
07.02.01 Conclusion of the ESC/ Meraka Institute Collaborative Research Agreement
-Cooperation for Simulation Study and Human Capital Development-
07.01.23 "BLUE SMOKER"
The World's First Discovery in Okinawa Trough