Development of ice-sheet/climate models for projection of global sea-level change

JAMSTEC has been developing an ice-sheet/climate model in collaboration with domestic research institutes which aims to contribute the model to the intercomparison projects CMIP6 (for the climate model) and ISMIP6 (for the ice-sheet model) in IPCC AR6. To accomplish the goal related to SDG13, uncertainty in sea-level projection is evaluated using the result of simulation. Until 2021, development of a high-resolution ice-sheet model as well as an improvement in the process modeling of ice–climate interaction will be completed to improve the projection of changes in global sea level.

Schematic design of a Greenland ice-sheet model, simulating evolution of the ice sheet via interaction between the atmosphere, ocean, and solid earth

Pan-Arctic Climate Change Projection Research Unit, Institute of Arctic Climate and Environment Research
Department of Integrated Climate Change Projection Research