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[ 査読付き論文 ]

- 印刷中 -

  1. Kinoshita, T., S.-Y. Ogino, J. Suzuki, R. Shirooka, and S. Yokoi, 2024: On the temperature-depleted layer at 30?36 km altitude observed by high-altitude radiosonde observations in Okinawa on September, 2022. SOLA, in press. [abstract]
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  5. Wang, B., L. Hua, X. Wu, Y. Kang, and N. Zhao, 2024: Impact of climate change on the dynamic processes of marine environment and feedback mechanisms: an overview. Arch. Computat. Methods Eng., in press. [abstract]

- 2024 -

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- 2023 -

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- 2022 -

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[ その他 ]

- 2024 -

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- 2023 -

  1. 安藤健太郎, 植木 巌, 黒田 芳史, 2023: インド・太平洋域における海洋観測の過去から現在,そして未来. 海洋理工学会誌, 27, 51-71. [PDF]
  2. 木下武也荻野慎也鈴木順子城岡竜一,2023:大型ゴム気球を使用した高高度ラジオゾンデ観測で捉えた高度30km以上の大気擾乱について.月刊海洋,55,158

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